Quotes About OneDomain

From time to time, a new product hits the market with a big splash and big promises. Well... it's not what you promise, it's what you deliver.

"This is terrific! It is so fast! Love it, love it, love it!"

"Did I mention I love it?"

Susan Anderson
Weigel Broadcasting Co.
Account Executive
South Bend, IN
Weigel Broadcasting Co.
KTHV logo
"Immediately after installation of the One Domain program on my PC, I opened up the program to see if I could create a simple avail without training. To my delight, this program is so intuitive, that in about 5 minutes, I had a complete avail that crossed quarters and had 3 separate demos. I am simply amazed at the ease of use. This is worlds apart from our current avail system. I never want to go back. Just imagine what I’ll be able to accomplish once I’m actually trained!"

Chad Kelley
National & Regional Sales Manager


"Hey Jamie,

You have a great product, the install went quickly (Thanks for all the hard work on your end!), did my 1st proposal in under 5 minutes with no training. Revising the Inventory and Rate Card is straight forward. The General Summary and Reach & Freq. Graph on the proposals should really help close the direct business! I’m using this 100% now, look forward to the training so you can have us all at full speed.

Best Regards!"

Grady Worden
Regional Account Manager / KTHV

"Again, I wanted to take a moment to reiterate that Paul at One Domain Help Desk is a super star in my eyes! In the darkest hour of 'Oh SNAPP' at my desk when I didn’t understand something in One Domain, causing a slow down on delivering to the client or my manger, I called on several occasions when Paul answered and “calmly” gave solutions and then some as I tried frantically to figure out a glitch or the best way to build One Domain information into a Presentation format.

Literally, I rejoiced each time as I quickly moved to 'Mission Accomplished' and was usually put into calm mode as Paul helped me out. Great work and Great Job to Paul. "

Marcia V. Mackey
WDIV Local 4 TV
Detroit, MI
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"Training was conducted comprehensively and easily. Our OneDomain trainer, Geoff, has a thorough understanding of the One Domain product and all the bells and whistles. The AEs are rolling along with One Domain and loving it! While they are only in their second week, the comments have been overwhelmingly positive!

I would recommend OneDomain to any of my peers in the industry. "

Beth Young
Director of Sales
South Bend IN
"The transition to OneDomain was painless and the learning curve was almost non-existent for my staff. We have made money from day ONE with this product!"

Michael Nurse
General Sales Manager
Buffalo, NY
Granite Broadcasting Corporation
WKBW-TV logo
WTVH-TV logo
"I was amazed at how seamless the installation of OneDomain was and how quickly our productivity rose with this outstanding product."

Matthew A. Rosenfeld
Vice President, Sales/Station Manager
Syracuse, NY
Granite Broadcasting Corporation
Thanks for being the best Rep of any vendor I have ever dealt with. Nobody I know of is as fast and determined to get the job done as you are... If we have trouble I am confident that one call or email and it is solved! .....you have set the bar very high my friend"

Jeff Armstrong
General Sales Manager
Waco/Temple/Bryan, TX
 KXXV logo
KQCA logo
"Originally I said: "The sofware is a hammer. It's just a tool. Sure this new hammer has a shiny metal handle and the old one had a wooden handle, but at the end of the day it's just a hammer."

"Well upon further review and practical application with the software I was wrong. It's not just a hammer, it's a nail gun!"

Mike Dahla
Account Executive
KQCA - My58
Sacramento, CA
Hearst-Argyle TV Incorporated
"Due to extenuating circumstances, our sales team was forced to transition very quickly to OneDomain - literally from one day to the next. The entire process went smoother than can be imagined. The team has benefitted greatly from great training, and a can do attitude on behalf of OneDomain."

Kyle King
General Sales Manager
KXAN logo
"We recently switched out systems from Marketron to your company's OneDomain.

We have been using the product for a little over 2 months and I want to compliment you and your company on an excellent integrated product that combines all of the tools that help give our station the competitive edge in our market.

Your support has been excellent with swift response and accurate answers and if there is an issue that needs to be addressed or tweaked for our needs it is discussed and followed up on by support.

As a whole this has been a successful and truly professional transition from the view of the Account Executive."

Robert Kenney
Account Executive
Austin, TX
LIN Television Group
"We are one of OneDomain's biggest fans. Some other Clear Channel GSMs were asking about OneDomain and I couldn't tell them enough about what a great product it is and about the fantastic customer service we receive from the customer support team.

Thanks for getting us up and running with OneDomain at KUWB."

Kalvin Pike
General Sales Manager
Salt Lake City, UT
Clear Channel
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KTVA logo
"We've been working with OneDomain for about 9 months now, but when we got the network upfront fall program changes, and I created an estimate book, pulled up the OneDomain rate card, and it hit me - Holy _____! (you fill in the blanks)

I could look at CPP scenarios, toggling back and forth between demos, while at the same time the system was pulling in the skim and traffic sellout levels! No wonder they named it [MediaOffice]. What a powerful tool, and a fantastic value compared to the old stuff. I don't know how we lived without it. And it just keeps getting better with every release, update, and improvement!"

Laurie Bruce
General Sales Manager
Anchorage, AK 99503
Alaska Broadcasting Company, Inc.
"We are just 30 days into the biggest quarter of the Fort Myers-Naples Market has ever had and likewise our stations, WBBH and WZVN. You would think that we would be experiencing wholesale preemptions, but we aren't. I'm sure that OneDomain has played a large part in that with it's ability to offer weekly rates and let clients take advantage of open weeks. It has leveled out our inventory usage and kept the clients and the account executives happy. I still have some suggestions to make it even better but please, do me a favor... give everyone at ODI a collective pat on the back for a great product."

Bob Beville
Director of Sales
Fort Myers, FL
Waterman Broadcasting Corporation
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KIRO logo
"One Domain rocks!!! I have an agency with a client that runs some Foster Kids messages during the month. The station adds to that schedule where we can, and then provides a report back to the agency. I was in the middle of sending an e-mail to my assistant to ask her to pull the spot times and in mid sentence realized I could probably do it in OneDomain.

I logged on, clicked on the "Post" icon, clicked on the two contracts I needed, immediately had the exact times and was able to verify that all of the spots were what the station contributed. I then quickly plugged in rates to show the actual value of what the station contributed, printed it out, and in about five minutes had exactly what I needed, all without having any training on the "Post" section of OneDomain.

User friendly. Intuitive.

Nicely done!"

Troy Hill
Account Executive
Seattle, WA
COX Television
"I am loving the software!

I must tell you that this system is so VERY user friendly it's incredible. Every time I open the software I find something new and exciting about it!

Thanks for developing such a great system!"

Ron Comer
Research Director
Sacramento, CA
Hearst-Argyle Television, Inc.
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KQCA logo
WISN logo
"OneDomain delivers to stations the flexibility and in-depth ratings information that I had as a buyer at LCI. This software provides superior estimating, historical tracking, trending and competitive analysis that agencies have used for years -- plus the ability to incorporate overnight data into our ratings forecasts as soon as they are published. We are the first station in Milwaukee with OneDomain and we plan to use it to our fullest advantage."

Pamm Foran
Research Director
Milwaukee, WI
Hearst-Argyle Television, Inc.
"I can’t sing the praises of One Domain enough. Your very helpful support staff – I’ve been assisted by Angie, Jennifer, Patrick, Carlos and Damien – have been fantastic! Any time I have a question, no matter how simple or complicated, they are able to work me through to the solution. I have received great training on webex with them also.


Sally Ramelot
Sales Assistant
KYOU - Fox 15
Ottumwa, Iowa
Waitt Media
 KYOU logo
WOOD TV logo
"I’ve used several other software systems at agencies and at the rep office… OneDomain blows those systems away with the ease and flexibility it offers. I’m able to get to reports in seconds that used to take me hours to pull"

Brian Fentzke
Account Executive
Grand Rapids, MI
LIN Television Group
"Today our May book came in, and even though I was never trained how to use OneDomain, I was able to easily pull the ratings from the new book (to the amazement of my staff).


Alex Lacy needs to be named employee of the month for getting us our numbers so quickly today!

We love OneDomain at KCBA and KION. You guys rock."

Chris Chidlaw
Station Manager
Clearchannel Communications
 KCBA logo

KION logo
KTVU-TV logo
"I love every single part of OneDomain (MediaOffice)…but you had me on posting!"

Michelle Woods
Account Executive
San Francisco/Oakland, CA
Cox Television
"I LOVE IT... We expected to be "down" for almost a month after we lost our previous service. In two days, OneDomain had us up and operational!


Leslie Gill
Account Executive
Columbus, OH
LIN Television Group
WWHO logo
WPIX logo
"The implementation of OneDomain gives us much easier access to our multiple datasets. Research and sales are both excited to have the product!"

Steve Schussel
Director of Research
"You have a very powerful product, a useful tool, a quality initial training program and some very intriguing additions that will help us a lot as you roll them out in 2005.

We are looking forward to saving time, making better recommendations and moving from vendor to trusted advisor with the help of and the resources at our disposal through OneDomain.

I would recommend the product to my fellow sales managers."

Bruce Bryan
General Sales Manager
Toledo, OH
Raycom Media Television
 WNWO logo
WBDC-TV logo
"First, I want to say thank you for continuing to improve the OneDomain product!!

The addition of the expected Rtg column to posts is Awesome as is the latest addition of OneDomain Viewpoint!

I must admit that at times we are a bit like children as we anxiously await further changes/revisions and can't help but to also ask for more!"

Robert Bonner
Research Director
Washington, DC
The Tribune Company
"I just completed my 1st on line web X training with Jennifer Skipper. WOW, what a dedicated professional with an extremely patient attitude and genuine interest in helping me. I wanted to take the opportunity to express to you my sincere appreciation to her for her efforts on behalf of OneDomain. She is the BEST of the Best and I just wanted you to know."

Stephen Ochoa
Account Executive
Tuscon, AZ
Raycom Media Television
 KOLD logo
KXTF logo
"We are all very excited about OneDomain. It is about time we had a software program that is not only ultra-user-friendly, but provides us with complete tools to improve our efficiency and professionalism! I would like to thank you, and everyone at your company for providing us with this incredible advancement in software. Each and everyone on the team should be commended."

Joe Nielsen
Station Manager
KXTF - Fox 35
Twin Falls, ID
Sunbelt Television
"Theodore Roosevelt once said, “Change is good as long as it’s in the right direction.” And OneDomain is in the right direction!"

Kelly Herren
Account Executive
Las Vegas, NV
Sunbelt Television
 KVBC logo
WGN logo
"The training of the product was very positive across all levels of sales staff. Many commented that it was easier than Marketron and others said they would actually use the product now. The customer service has always been courteous and helpful.

Overall, the installation and training went very smoothly. We feel we have the upper hand in the Chicago market especially in light of the LPM's. We are looking forward to a productive relationship with everyone at OneDomain and have already seen enhancements to the product since our relatively short time with the system. OneDomain's relationships with Nielsen seems strong and positive as well."

Ann Casey
Research Director
The Superstation
"OneDomain's remote backup feature is wonderful! When I accidentally corrupted my inventory files, One Domain was able to retrieve the file within hours. This saved me from having to re-create the data, which would have been very time consuming. It is comforting to know that there is a reliable backup of our information."

Elisa LaDue
Research Director
Springfield, MA
 WWLP logo
In an email to her GSM...

"I'm very pleased with OneDomain so far. I guess you were right on this one. Today Suzay from ODI called and gave me a heads up on the new release and walked me through all of the new stuff. That's something TVScan never did! Of course, they weren't in the business of enhancements either. The report builder option is perfect for me when I'm doing onesheets-- this had been my greatest concern.

There's still a lot to learn and a lot to do to have it ready for optimum use but I'm pleased with the product."

Shari Erwin
Account Executive
KQCA - My58
Sacramento, CA
Hearst-Argyle TV Incorporated
"The interaction of VCI and OneDomain allows our account executives instant access to inventory sellout levels when building a schedule. This timely information provides each station competitive advantages in communicating with clients and buyers. The WOOD, WOTV, WXSP and WZPX staff are more productive as a result. OneDomain is a significant competitive advantage to garner the appropriate rate to run clean schedules."

Diane Kniowski
General Manager
 WOOD TV logo
WOAY logo
"The training was thorough and effective. All AE's have been very enthusiastic about OneDomain and have taken to it quite readily.

ODI customer service and tech support is the finest I have seen in 25 years in this business. Call-backs are rapid and everyone who needs to get involved in the solution gets involved. Customer service reps are knowledgeable and helpful. More serious problems are fixed "like magic" by developers working through the network.

Everything we appreciate about OneDomain today, along with the great features under development, completely validate our choice of ODI."

Mike Wilson
Sales Manager
Beckley, WV
"Thanks so much for the time and patience you invested in our sales department. I've sent out three avails and schedules since yesterday, and it's so much faster, cleaner and easier to use.

I lo-o-o-o-o-ve this program!"

Charmaine Miller
Account Executive
WVBT Fox 43
Portsmouth, VA
 WVBT logo
WTEV-TV logo
"This is like PlayStation for sales people."

Jack Potter
Local Sales Manager
Jacksonville, FL
"The installation of OneDomain was easy- even hubbing from a server in Indianapolis. The training was outstanding. WANE-TV is very happy with our conversion to OneDomain. It’s a much superior product: the training, the availability of their customer service and the flexibility to revise/update the software is bar none!"

Charmaine Miller
Account Executive
WVBT Fox 43
Portsmouth, VA
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